Stereogram is an easy-to-use application to create 3D effect photos.

It allows you to combine two photos of the same scene, taken from slightly different positions, into a single stereogram.

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Stereogram for iPhone

Stereograms are pictures or photos with a 3D effect. There are two different images, one for each eye. These images can be superimposed, for example using colour filtering, but you then need special glasses to view them (usually red/blue or red/green). But they can also be two separate images, in which case the colours are much better.

With a stereogram you need to align your eyes to look at the two images separately. You can either focus to a point in the far distance (so that your eyes are almost parallel) and then suddenly place the stereogram into your line of sight, or (this is what I find easiest) go cross-eyed. You will start seeing four images, but then you merge them until you can only see three (there are often dots above the images to help you with this). The middle image then is the 3D one, and with a bit of practice you can focus on that.

To create a stereogram you need to take two separate photos, one for each eye. The photos should be slightly set apart horizontally, just like your eyes, and the further apart they are the more pronounced the 3D effect will be. To help you with this process, an overlay of the first image will be shown in the view finder when taking the second picture.


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